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Badjao Village Clean Up Drive and Project Palikuran

Badjao Village 
Barangay Malitam
Batangas City

Sustainable Sanitation Brings Good Health, Dignity and Well Being 

Traditionally, The Badjao's had no permanent shelter and lived on their boats, for many years. They are oppressed tribe, referred to as Luwa'an by other Muslim tribe, which means outcast,  a common myth mean God forsaken.

Wikipilipinas (the hip n free Philippine Encyclopedia )  categorizes Badjao into three types based on their living,  the sedentary, those who are striving for a changes of their live  and willing to have permanent homes. The semi sedentary who spends periods of time alternatively their houseboats and village homes, and lastly the sea gypsies, who live in houseboats  sailing from one island to another in search of  marine products, such as sea cucumber, sea weeds, shells, fish, pearl,and many among others. They come to shore only to sell or barter their  marine commodities,  for farmed products and other necessities.

The Badyao in Barangay Malitam is considered as sedentary they live in stilt house or similar to stilt house near the body of water because their heritage is is associated with water and  most of their livelihood depends on the sea.

The Badjao have bad reputation and humiliated among fellow people including some of their Muslim  brothers because of begging, that started in the sea port of Zamboanga and nearby islands .Now they are scattered in some places including in Luzon island  because they do not know where they are going or where else in the vast sea or anywhere in this world for them to find  peace. As fishermen or as  sea gypsies the sea bandits ransacks their  livelihood, in the land there always a fear because of the military presence where they feel that anytime there is war.

To those often interact with the Badjao community proves that they are peace loving loving people. They hate wars and incomprehensible. They are a group of Muslim  that never  engage to any illegal activities including their livelihood fishing  done in natural method.  Because of their desire for peace and be away to any conflict it resulted for them to be uneducated and illiterate. Begging is become their alternative (NOT ALL) livelihood to continue  living. Fishing as primary  livelihood become poor because of illegal activity of illegal fishing.

Akyat Aral is more than a charity.
Akyat Aral is a powerful force for a change....

Akyat Aral real understanding and empathy for others truly comes through their experience. Akyat Aral believed that connecting and touching lives of others is a million times  more powerful than making a million cash donations to the less privilege communities.
Through  research Akyat Aral discovered the theBadjao Village in Barngay Malitam in Batangas City,  the ocular team never waster time  and immediately proceed to the place and define the immediate needs of the community.

Akyat Aral created a project “Clean Up Drive and Project Palikuran”  is an empowerment program to make a tangible difference to the lives of our Badjao brothers and sister as well as for their children that offer a place of dignity and hope for their mind and in their heart. This is to let them believe that all things are possible and they have the power over their future. Through this initial  program they will overcome disappointment and to become empowered citizens with practical life, and  skills that they can put in action to tackle the positive change for themselves as well as for their community.

In the second visit of Akyat Aral they endorse the first contribution of volunteers and donors for immediate start of the comport room(palikuran)

Akyat Aral gives priority for the toilet, because the group believes if they not die in war in Mindanao they may get ill due to poor sanitation that may leads to their children to death.  Cleanliness in the community is just as important as cleanliness for  individuals and families. When human waste(feces) is not managed properly, it pollutes water, foods and soil with germs and leads to diarrhea and other serious health problems. Using toilets prevent germs from getting into the environment, protects the health of the whole community.

The group also made a well for the toilet. The continuous use, lost of dust and mud, every day the water gradually cleanses, that according to the locals,  it can be used for washing clothes and other household utensils.  Akyat Aral want to build another one to support the water needs of the community.

The Event:

The program start s with volunteers and community cleaning together to show the importance of healthy surrounding.

Cleanliness is not a work which they should do forcefully. It is a good habit and healthy way for their healthy life. All type of cleanliness is very necessary for their good health whether it is personal cleanliness, surrounding cleanliness, environment cleanliness, and other form of cleanliness.  They should be highly aware about how to maintain cleanliness in their daily lives. It is very simple to include cleanliness in their habit. They should never compromise with cleanliness, it is as necessary as food and water for them. It should be practiced from their children that can only be initiated by their parent as their responsibility.

Medical Mission: 

Hair Cutting/Grooming:

Story Telling:

Parlor Games and Other Fun Games:

Distribution of School Supplies, Slippers, Food Goodies and Others:


Distribution of Foods:

Eating Time:

Turn Over of Toilet:

The toilet is place where the Badjao community exercise the habit of cleanliness, the habit  of keeping themselves physically and mentally clean. Unfortunately there still a lot of materials needed to complete the four door toilet.

We in Akyat Aral is dedicated to the process of making this happen but your help is badly needed. Donation will bring us closer to our goal  including the school building for the Badjao children. We are excited and eager to see those projects be succeed. Everyone can be a part of this by supporting our mission.

The Badjao Village in Malitam is  located along  Calumpang river, Batangas City  few meters away from the threshold  of the sea. The village was formed in 1979, when a seven families evacuated from Lamitan, Basilan in the middle of war between the government military forces and Muslim extremist. They went to Zamboanga to board a ship going Cebu City. From Cebu, using a Banka they first arrived in Masbate then after, they reach the Barangay Malitam, near the body of water away from  the resident of the town.. Due to continuous war in Basilan in 1975 they multiplied from 7 families to almost 100 families and  about 300 children as of to date,

The livelihood of the community is fishing, but it difficult to catch fish this time due to illegal practice of fishing in the past.  Some of them are selling pearl in the resorts around Batangas. Due to difficulties in life, some of the children can not avoid begging in the sea ports of Batangas. As tradition, the women or the mother remain in the house. With the Badjao scattered 
 in Metro Manila they have no connections with them and they did not know anything about  it, and they themselves wondering who was behind them.

Our Gratitude
To all Akyat Aral donors and supporters, thank  you for all your help.
To Akyat Aral Volunteers, Thank you for your understanding, patience and dedication to all Akyat Aral project
To every one who made this project possible. Thank you

Its a Mission of Hope for the Children

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Akyat Aral Scholar Special Day

The Gift of Hope

The gift giving endeavor is a yuletide tradition of Akyat Aral, where we are distributing Christmas gifts to indigenous and less privilege communities not just to help them but to let them feel the true meaning of Christmas.

The Dumagat communities of Sitio Bulak in Papaya, Nueva Ecija is one of our regular recipients of various projects and group events such as Project Class Room, Project Playground, Fun and Joy Tours, and other regular group events such as, Back to School Project, Gift a Give, Feeding Program and many others since our first visit in year 2012.

With the support of Akyat Aral, supporters, donors and volunteers, after four years of continuous visit  they now have a good school building, but sadly, this is not a formal learning center accredited by Department of Education (DEPED) instead this is only a DSWD day care center with an integrated learning system focusing the only basic skill of learning like reading and writing.

The three scholars with their teacher,(from left Maam Aileen, Mayit de Guzman, Sofia Bote and Teresa Ramos)

According to their volunteer teacher Mam Aileen Pajarillaga, there are some good students. Akyat Aral grievances is how the students improve if  Day Care Center program is focusing the basic learning skills repeated every year. Our group standpoint is continuous support  contributing a positive change to the Dumagat children as indigenous community and as individual. Part of our advocacy is to assist them and give measurable influence in handling the power of change as poor indigenous group. With our affirmation in extending helps with them, we created the project scholar for two children, then after a year another one added.

The two children shows their dedication in their studies and able to compete with other students from the lowland,  they received citations and honors. With their good school performance after a year we added another scholar. Our joy for their  good performance we give a Christmas gift as a reward, we bring them in Manila for a special day for them that is full of joy and filled adventure.

Rizal Park

After a quick breakfast, the first destination is Luneta. Rizal Park or Luneta  park, is a place of relaxation is  the one of the most significant landmark in our country that should not missed by every Filipino especially students. 

This is the place where the execution of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal fanned the flames of the 1896 Philippines revolution against the Spaniards. Luneta or Bagumbayan and Jose Rizal was an important place and person for them not as indigenous children but as a Filipino . Jose Rizal and Luneta are always a part of their studies they now see it for themselves 

Rizal Park also showcase the brave Filipinos in the galery of heroes, the martyrdom of Gumburza, the gigantic statue of Lapu Lapu, visualize the Philippine archipelago with  giant raised  relief map, stunning artwork from renowned Filipino artist  the National Museum and many others interesting places inside the park. . 

Nayong Pilipino

Second stop is Nayong Filipino

The Kids experience the hanging bridge, Kalesa carriages man made lagoon, golden tilapia and many more.

Manila Ocean Park

Third stop Manila Ocean Park. is the Philippines first world class marines theme  park that gives a premiere educational facility and amazing experience blended with entertainment.

Started from the tunnel of an unimaginable cubic meters of salt water surrounded by enormous different kinds of fishes seemingly like flying over their head, gives unusual experience for the three scholars.

While the trainers gives a  interesting facts about sea lions, the sea lions starts giving hilarious comedy presentation that gives a huge enjoyment with our scholars. The sea lions gives some acrobatics and athletics behavior like, Olympic style dive, powerful swimming, hurdle and high jumps, flippers walks, balancing acts, splashing and many others surprises. They saw that this kind of animal are adorable, cute and very intelligent. 

Jellies exhibit is a is a mesmerizing  experience for them. The dancing sea fairies is fascinating and magical, especially when the aquarium lights change colors. . 

There many attraction inside Manila Ocean park that really amazed the three scholars, like the Christmass Village, the trail sto Antarctica that they experience the Earth's frozen wilderness and see the Penguins live. They enter the Yexel's museum and be amazed to the numerous toys collections and amazing stories. The world of creepy crawlies The souvenirs shop, and many more., all  located inside the park. 

All of  the information they learn inside the park, the wondrous creatures, the awareness for the ocean and its inhabitants a very helpful for them as a student,  as individuals  as indigenous children that live far from 
metro-civilization, these educational facilities may increase their learning mentality and abilities for their challenging future. 

The varieties of shows, encountered and exhibit maybe tiring for their feet, their Ocean Park visit ended with the Aquatica Fish Spa to pumper them and be relax with doctors fishes nibbled dead skin cells from their tired feet and be ready to the next adventure for the day...

Lunch Time

After a quick breakfast, a feast for their lunch, courtesy of Sir James Jinsiang in Korean restaurant. They need to eat well because there still a lot more places to visit.

Manila Zoo 

The Manila Zoo is a must in the itinerary of the three scholars because of its exiting educational benefits and academic knowledge.  They will learn and understand the importance of taking care of the environment as it has significant impact on the lives and welfare of the animals. Being an indigenous as part of their living is hunting, they need to learn the importance of conservation and animal care. 

They encountered different kinds of animals and its classification and species.  like Elephants, pythons, turtles, crocodiles, deer, zebra, monkeys, rabbits, ostrich, colorful birds, hippopotamus and many others.

The funny part of their Manila Zoo adventure is their being first time to see many of this animals alive, and even inhabitant animals in our country they only saw it in a books.

Almost evening in Mall of Asia, the activity is not yet finished,  the volunteers decide to walk separately to finish everything according to plan. The men buy provisions for the Notche Buena of the family of the three scholars, while women buy clothes and other necessity of the three girls.

The activity ended witnessing fireworks display while eating their dinner in sea side. This kind of   striking display of lights and  loud noise is also a first time in their life, where they experience both, the Christmas  and New Year celebration with us... 

The group  "Mission of Hope for the Children" is not just providing materials things and personal needs of the children/students, but to contribute a positive change to their standpoint as individual, communities and as indigenous groups. The group advocacy is to assist them and give them measurable influence in handling back the power of change and above all to inspire and motivate young mind the importance of education for their bright future.

Akyat Aral is more than a charity.
Akyat Aral is a powerful force for a change....

Special Thank You:

 *.To Sir Paul and Rose Hans, for being with the three kids early in the morning till night, for the car and for the overnight stay of the three scholars in their house, thank you for being always with us. .
*. To Teacher Ailein  for being supportive to all your students, especially to pur scholars.
*.To Sir Albert Yoo, many have been happy, many received helped, many dreams fulfilled because of your generosity, you are always our last bullet,  thank you very much...
*. To all who believes and give support to our scholars, thank you.

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Its a Mission of hope for the Children 

Photo credit:
Akyat Aral Volunteers